Spring in Nash County - Shopping


Spring in Nash County

With Spring comes many things – warmer weather, an appreciation for all things outdoors, and putting away winter clothes. I don’t know about you, but here in Nash County all that means one thing: SHOPPING. Buy yourself a new wardrobe and call it Spring cleaning. Discover the treasures of the locally grown and made. They say that Spring showers bring flowers but replace flowers with a trunk full of new things and you have this list of the top places to shop in Nash County this Spring.

For: The Made Local Lovers

Nash County Farmers Market

Nash County is home to a bustling agricultural community, and you can find them right here at the local farmer’s market. Here local farmers sell products they produce and cultivate throughout the year. The philosophy here is fresh food, artisan products and a reverence for the preservation of the local farming community. This market is not just a building. It’s the dynamic activity of all the people involved in growing, harvesting, buying, selling, and sometimes socializing. Shoppers can delight in purchasing something that is truly local and that goes to supporting a working farm.

For: The Creative Souls


When you walk into a store and one of the first things you see is a ginormous copper jellyfish floating in the air, you just know you are in the right place. Bel Air Arts Center in the heart of Rocky Mount is a funeral home turned car dealership turned art gallery. The brainchild of Jessica Hicks, Bel Air Arts is 9,000 square feet of gallery space, artist studios, and where imagination meets “I have to have that!” Everywhere you look, there’s something creative and handmade from one of 70+ local and regional artists represented in the gallery. You’ll be inspired to pick up a paintbrush but grab your credit card instead and leave with gifts for friends, family, and yourself.

For: The Bin Browsers

Rocky Mount Stock Yard Flea Market

The Rocky Mount Stockyard Flea Market is one of the largest in the area with over 300 vendor spaces available. A 38-space indoor flea market is also on this site. You name it, the Rocky Mount Stockyard Flea Market has it. That’s not an old door, it’s a coffee table. Those bull horns are the perfect way to hold your hats in the hallway. Walking around here, you’ll find vendors who specialize in revitalizing recycled materials into new and functional pieces of home décor that take the trash to treasure. Other vendors specialize in bringing you one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing and accessories. Are retro turntables your thing? You can find it here. Looking for some funky sunglasses or vintage jewelry? Browse through tables and tables of new and like new shades or pick up some lava lamp earrings. Just looking for a deal? Grab that who-done-it novel you meant to buy a couple of years ago or those sham-wow towels you always see on television -now on sale for just a dollar.

For: The Thrifty Minded


Who says shopping is not a workout? The Tar River Flea Market spans over 15 acres and offers spaces for more than 200 vendors. That includes outdoor shopping as well as over 41,500 sq.ft. of indoor shopping. Great finds can be found everywhere. Antique signs, furniture and clocks vie for attention. Toys and collectibles take you back to your childhood. You’ll even find a larger selection of clothes, fine jewelry and more. You just need the ability to bargain and a sharp eye to spot treasure – Avast, the Tar River Flea Market marks the spot!

For: The Treat Yo'selfers

The Bath Place

Handmade, non-toxic bath and body products are the focus of this spot. At the Bath Place, they believe that you can be simply fresh, confident, and clean without the use of excessive chemicals. The ultimate relaxation is right at your fingertips with oils, salts, candles, and a variety of bath products that will leave you refreshed. Natural products will make your choice easy, and supporting a local artisan makes it all the better.

For: The Expressive & Eclectic

The Painted Teacher

Need to find the latest styles that are on trend but not something everyone else has at the office? Come to the Painted Teacher. This little clothing and lifestyle boutique in the heart of Nashville has everything you need. Clothing that will accentuate your body and personality. Bags to carry wants, needs and the occasional lipstick. And jewelry that tells everyone that you are one-of-a-kind. So, head on over and find that little bit of you that needs to show off.